Class schedule and class.

Class schedule

AM class
1 9:00~9:45
2 9:55~10:40
3 10:50~11:35
4 11:45~12:30
PM class
1 13:10~13:55
2 14:05~14:50
3 15:00~15:45
4 15:55~16:40

*A student will join one of the classes in the morning or in the afternoon.
*The class will be designated according to the result of the placement test. It is not possible to choose morning or afternoon.

Arrangement of classes

Class Level of Japanese
Advanced class JLPT N1 level
Pre-advanced class JLPT N2 level
Intermediate class JLPT N3 level
Pre-intermediate class JLPT N4 level
Beginning class JLPT N5 level


Events, schedule of the year.

  April May June September
Events of the Institute Entrance ceremony for April-term students.
Experience Learning
Orientation of the course after graduation
Health check
Strategy guidance for the examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU).
Mid-term exam
Strategy guidance for JLPT
Outdoor class
Interview and guidance of the course after graduation
(fist time of the year)
(first time of the year)
Things of Japan Entrance ceremony for new students at school
Entrance ceremony for new employees
at firms
Holiday week of May
"Tango no Sekku"
(the Boys' Day Festival)
Rainy season "Tanabata"
(the Star Festival)
Fireworks display
  August September October November
Events of the Institute Summer vacation End-of-the-term exam
Culture experience
Interview and guidance of the course after graduation
Autumn vacation
Entrance ceremony for October-term students
Experience Learning
Strategy guidance for EJU.
Health check
Interview and guidance of the course after graduation
Strategy guidance for JLPT
(second time of the year)
Things of Japan Festivals in summer
"the Bon Festival"
(Festival paying respect to the
spirit of
(Moon viewing)
Autumn festivals
Sports day
(Custom of praying "Kami" of a shrine for children's happiness.)
Autumn leaves
turning red.
  December January February March
Events of the Institute Mid-term exam
Winter vacation
Experience Learning Outdoor class End-of-the-term exam
Graduation ceremony
Spring vacation
(second time of the year)
Things of Japan Christmas Day "Oshoogatu"
(The New Year Holidays)
Coming-of year ceremony
(Custom of praying happiness scattering roasted beans.)
(Doll festival for girls, wishing for their sound growth.)
Graduation ceremony
(Cherry blossom seeing)
  1. Contents of events may depend on the year.