Studying and Living in Japan

Health insurance

National Health Insurance of Japan

Anyone living in Japan are legally supposed to participate in the National Health Insurance. You should apply for it when you get a resident registration.
Participation in it reduces your payment at a hospital or other medical facilities into 30%.

General accident insurance

In case that students themselves are injured by accident, as well as in case they cause others to be injured by bicycle accident or something,
“General accident insurance” which we take out for the students, will be applied to prevent large amount of payment.

Dormitory for the students

There is a student dormitory near the school. Students can move in immediately after entering Japan.
Facilities: living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, toilet.
Equipment: bed, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, rice cooker, tableware, cookware cleaning equipment etc.

Cost Amount Due date Note
admission ¥20,000 When paying the first year’s payment The initial cost of the dorm is 98,000 yen.
Please pay with the first year’s payment (tuition).
【Initial cost details】
・ Admission:20,000yen
・ 3 months’ rent:60,000yen
・ 3 months’ utility costs:18,000yen
Rent/month ¥20,000 End of a month
Utility cost/month ¥6,000 End of a month
Bedding set ¥15,000 When entering a dormitory *Bedding set is an optional service.
*Installment is not available.

Support for part-time working

School will help students find a part-time job by providing job information on the bulletin board. There is also a guidance on how to write a curriculum vitae or how to take a job interview.

Encouraging-studying bounties for the students

The Institute prepare special encouraging systems for students who show excellent records in study, participation rate for lessons and personal character, etc.
Whether we carry it or not is dependent of years, however. Make an inquiry about it to the Institute.

Scholarship Student

We exempt a part of, or all of the school expenses, when we permit that he or she should deserve it, after considering on general elements such as scores in the previous schools he or she attended, and other conditions.

Encouraging-study Payment

We offer some amount of payment every month or temporarily,
to a student who has a superior academic background or
excellent scores at the school, and show excellent
records in class scores, participation rate, etc. at the Institute.

Exemption of the examination fee
for entrance and entrance fee

We may exempt the examination fee for entrance and the
entrance fee, etc. after consideration, dependent of years.

Student’s voice


Kyushu University Master's program

I came to Japan from Mongolia across the sea to fulfill my dream. I was able to say only “hello” in Japanese, but now I could enter a graduate school of the national university which was my dream thanks to the enthusiastic teachers and staffs. It was a good choice for me to study at Mate Japanese Institute. I sincerely appreciate all the teachers and staffs.


Tokyo University of Social Welfare

At first, I was very anxious about living and studying abroad. But I came to be able to live easily and peacefully thanks to the teachers and staffs who gave us the orientation of life in Japan and the support of part-time job. I was also able to pass the JLPT N2. I spent a wonderful time for a year and a half at Mate Japanese Institute.


Gregg International College

When I came to Japan, I could not think so much about my future career. However, I came to want to learn about interpreting by studying Japanese with my friends from various countries at Mate Japanese Institute. I am very happy to have passed JLPT N2 which was my goal and be able to enter a desired college.


Nihon Kokusai IT College

The school offered us a lot of activities besides Japanese classes, so I was able to enjoy the life abroad. I had a chance to wear a traditional Yukata at Star Festival in July. At the school festival in December, I could experience dances, songs, food, and culture of different countries. The school life at Mate Japanese Institute became the best memory of my life.