Guidance for the entrance

Private lessons (for persons on a visa except student visa)

1.Qualification for taking lessons

  1. Persons who have a visa available to stay in Japan.
  2. Persons who have the will to study Japanese.

2.School expenses

hours per one lesson Entrance fee fee per one lesson fee of ten lessons 教材費
50 minutes 10,000 yen
*only at the first time
6,000 yen 50,000 yen Actual
100 minutes 10,000 yen 90,000 yen Actual
150 minutes 13,000 yen 120,000 yen Actual

【Mode of payment】

Ticket system
*You would be requested to purchase a ticket in advance.

3.Process to the beginning of the lessons

  1. Make an inquiry about the concrete process to us by telephone or e-mail.
    * There might be a case that we cannot meet your request enough, depending on hours of the day, schedule of instructors, etc.
    Please inquire of us about the detail.
  2. Visit us to talk about the level you want to take, schedule of the lessons etc. with our instructors and staff, and fill the “Application form.”
  3. Purchase the tickets and textbooks and begin the lessons.