Guidance of the Learning courses

  • Long-term course (student visa)
  • Short-term course (persons on a visa except a student visa)
  • Class schedule and class.

Private lessons

Private Lessons At any time of the year (Consulting is available.)

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Aim of learning It depends on aim of each learner.
(such as daily conversation, entrance into school, getting a job.
Contents of Learning It depends on request of each learner.
(grammar, listening, conversation, reading, composition, etc.)
Hours of Learning 50 minutes × α
100 minutes × α
150 minutes × α
Seasons of Completion At any time of the year
  • The private lessons will be carried at the classroom of the Institute as a general rule.
  • There might be a case that we cannot meet your request enough, depending on hours of the day, schedule of instructors, and so on.
    Please inquire of us about the detail.