Guidance for the entrance

Long-term course (student visa)

1.Entrance qualification (Persons on a student visa)

  1. Completion of 12-year school education in your country, or having educational background equivalent to 12 years. (university graduates are preferred)
  2. In general, completion of more than 150 hours of Japanese language learning. (equal to Japanese ability of N5 of Japanese Language Proficiency Test)
  3. Those who can submit all the documents to apply for a visa. (Those who can bear financial expenses)

※Check the latest version of “Application Guidelines” for details.


Course Admission fee
*first year
Tuition Other expenses Total
50,000 yen 1,200,000 yen
(2 years)
180,000 yen
(2 years)
facilities, equipment ¥40,000/year
textbook, activity ¥120,000/year
Insurance, health care ¥20,000/year
1,430,000 yen
(2 years)
50,000 yen 900,000
(for 1.5 years)
135,000 yen
(1.5 year)
textbook, activity ¥90,000/year
Insurance, health care ¥15,000/year
1,085,000 yen
(1.5 year)
  1. 10,000 yen is charged at the time of application as the entrance examination fee.
  2. Scholarship program and exemption program are available.
  3. ICheck the latest version of “Application Guidelines” or consult us for details.

◆Refunds of the tuition
① In general, payment that is once done, will not be refunded.
② All the payment will be refunded, if Japanese Embassy does not issue your visa.
③ The amount except the admission fee will be refunded, if an applicant cancels the enrollment before the entrance ceremony for unavoidable circumstances.

a) a) Before entering Japan…Please send us a photocopy of your passport with a stamp of cancellation of the visa. Then, we will start the procedure of the refunding.
b) b) After entering Japan…We will start the procedure of refunding after we confirm the cancellation of the residence card.
※In principal, any payment done will not be refunded after the entrance ceremony.

3.Admission procedure

  1. Applicant submit an application form (in official document forms of the Institute) to the institute. (August~October/February~April)
  2. Screening of the application document at the Institute and interview test.  (October~November/April~May)
  3. Applicants should send the entrance examination fee to our bank account. (September~November/February~May)
  4. The institute submit the documents to the Emigration Bureau for the Certificate of Eligibility. (late November/late May)
  5. Emigration Bureau issues the Certificate of Eligibility. (late February/late August)
  6. The institute informs applicants of ⑤.
  7. Applicants pay the fee for the first year to the Institute’s bank account.
  8. The institute sends by post-mail the originals of the Certificate of Eligibility etc. to the applicants after the payment is confirmed.
  9. Applicants bring the Certificate of Eligibility to Japanese embassy or consulate to get a student visa.
  10. Applicants come to Japan with the student visa, and enroll the institute. (April/October)

4.Application documents

A. Documents that an applicant (student) should prepare
  1. Application for admission, Personal history, Statement of purpose to study in Japan and Statement of financial support in our Institute’s format.
  2. 4 photos (4 cm in length, 3 cm in width. Taken within the past 3 months)
  3. Diploma of final academic career. (original)
  4. Transcript of final academic career. (original)
  5. Certificate of Japanese proficiency or Japanese learning history. (original)
  6. Certificate of employment, if there is a working history. (original)
  7. Copy of the passport. ※Please submit an identification paper if you do not have a passport.
B. Documents that a financial sponsor should prepare.

※More than two persons can become the sponsors, such as relatives in applicant’s country (father, mother, brother…), relatives in Japan, or an applicant he or herself.

  1. Statement of financial support in our Institute’s format.
  2. Certificate of family relation, birth, such as a transcript of family resister. (original)
  3. Copy of identification.
  4. Bank certificate of deposit. (original)
  5. Deposit-withdrawal certificate (original) or copy of a bank book
  6. Certificate of employment or business license certificate (original)
  7. Income certificate (original) of the latest 3 years
  8. Tax certificate (original) of the latest 3 years * A copy of the social insurance card is available if the sponsor is a Mongolian.
  9. Family member list of the financial sponsor (institute’s format)
※Notes on paper works
  • Application for admission and Personal history should be filled in in Japanese or English or Chinese. For other languages, you are supposed to attach another paper of English translation in the same form.
  • Attach Japanese translation to all the documents except the Application for admission and Personal history.
    * Translation of your passport is not required. As for a bankbook and tax certificate, all it takes is translation of a cover page and items of each page.
  • Validity period of the issue date should be within 3 months.
    For example, the issue date should be after September 1 if the application to the Immigration office is scheduled for the end of November.

5.How to apply

  1. Contact by phone or e-mail with our institute staff or an agent.
  2. Fill out the Application for admission, Personal history, Statement of purpose to study in Japan, Statement of financial support and Letter of confirmation in our Institute’s format (Excel), and send them us by email.
    *For details, please refer to the "Application Guide" published on the "What's new" section of our website.
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