Route map

Route map

Map around the Institute

Address of the Institute

MATE JAPANESE INSTITUTE 〒271-0051 Mabashi 2857, Matsudo City, Chiba
TEL: 047-312-1150 FAX: 047-312-1160


Ueno-kooen (Ueno-park)

There are “Kan-ei ji” (Kan-ei temple, one of main temples of Tendai sect of Buddhism), Ueno-zoo, “Shinobazu-no Ike” (Shinobazu Lake, a large lake of more than hundreds of years old), National Museum of Nature and Science, National Museum of Western Art, etc.
Ueno-park is crowded by many tourists regardless of seasons. This park is also one of the best “Ohanami” (cherry blossom seeing) places in Tokyo.
(30 minutes’ train from Mabashi station to Ueno station)


This is known as the most famous streets of electric appliance stores in Japan. This is also a mecca of subculture, such as Japanese animation and people around the world visit here for sightseeing and shopping.
(35minutes’ train from Mabashi station to Akihabara station)

Sensoo-ji (Sensoo-temple)

The oldest temple in Japan dedicated for Kannon-Bosatsu (Kannon Buddhist saint), in which “Kaminari-mon” (Large gate for the temple), “Nakamise” (street with various souvenir shops, restaurant, etc. to the main building of the temple), the main building, and “Goju-no-too” (five-stored pagoda), etc. are found. The Sumida River near to it is famous for the water-bus tours and firework festivals that is the popular seeing spot among tourists overseas.
(40 minutes’ train from Mabashi station to Asakusa subway station)

Tokyo Sky Tree

This is completed in December, 2012 as the highest television tower in Japan. (634 meters above the ground)
The neighborhood of the Tree has become a new sight-seeing area, called “Tokyo Sky Tree Town.”
(45 minutes’ train from Mabashi station to Tokyo Sky Tree station in Tobu-line.)

Tokyo Disney Resort

This is placed in Urayasu City in Chiba, and consist of “Tokyo Disney Land,” “Tokyo Disney Sea,” and hotels and downtowns, etc.
There are various kinds of attractions and enjoyable events, drawing more than 30 million people a year.
(40 minutes’ train from Mabashi station to Maihama station)